Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take the money out of Politics

        I came across this video on YouTube, created by user Paul4Pres2012 .  I feel obligated to spread the word.  I have had the same intellectual conversations with my friends,  I'm sure you have all had with yours, about how corrupt the politicians are.  About; how the "system is broken", the lobbyist run Washington, and Corporate Greed has taken over America.  The guy in this video is Dylan Ratigan.  He has a show on MSNBC, weekdays at 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time.  Dylan "Get's It". In this video he gives a heated explanation of what is wrong with our government.  I have been saying this for years.  The video's creator brings out such a great point.  This should be our number one goal in government reform.  This should be the one goal that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement demands.  This is the first time in many years, and in my lifetime, that citizens in America have protested in such large numbers.  They say that our Constitution gives the power to the people.  Well it is time to take the power back.  They need to force Congress to pass new laws the gets the money out of politics.  They need to make Lobbying a federal crime.  We can never fix what is wrong with our country or economy, unless we get the money out of politics.  This is a message that should cross party lines.  The lawmakers must put into place new laws and agencies to enforce, investigate, and prosecute these crimes against our country.  It is my opinion that  if you are an elected government official,  choosen to represent a large group of your people's (constituents) ideals, you should be held under the utmost scrutiny.  Take a plumber for example.  If a plumber runs a pipe under you house.  A government inspector must come out and inspect your work.   However, when a politician decides to vote on a bill or law, there are no government inspectors in place to inspect how said politician came to his or her decision.  I feel that if a politician ran under the platform that he or she would vote a certain way, then is given any form of money, perks, or financial gain.  Then the politician votes against what he promised in his or her campaign, this should be considered deceitful and unlawful.  There needs to be full transparency on all monetary transactions, having any correlation with any elected government official.  I can not understand the way congress is going right now, without any bi-partisan legislation.  These politicians who will not let any laws or reform pass, just so either side of the party can not get credit for it, should be considered as traitors.  In my opinion, if you are purposely standing in the way of progress and the rebuilding of our country, you should be charged with treason.  That goes for all publicly elected officials, corporations who do majority of their business in America, and people behind the scenes who hide all the underhanded dealings in the government.  So "Occupy Wall Street" I reach out to you, and beg that you make this your one common goal.  To get the money out of politics.  Please watch this video.  I hope it makes you think.  I also encourage you to spread the word, or get involved at any level.  Now is the time when so many people are uniting, to get real change.

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yowillyjj said...

Great post... I am actually a plumber..And yes there is a government official that comes behind me(only if a permit was applied for..which is all new construction)...I work at a pay rate that would have been considered reasonable 20 years ago..