Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick of it All

    I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, for too many days now.  I am in full on rage mode.  The job I have I set up appointments, and go to people's homes for an estimate.  I get paid for each appointment I go to.  Two days ago I arrive at an appointment.  The appointment was setup for 4:00, as I am very punctual, I showed up twenty minutes early.  No one was home.  I waited til 4:01 still no one.  I then call the customer, she says her husband will be there any minute.  Ten minutes later she calls back and says there is a key in the electric panel box.  I go check and there is no key.  She calls back ten minutes later an says her husband should be there any minute and she herself will be there soon.  Twenty minutes go by.  Finally it is 4:45, and I have waited for her for over an hour.  I called her to tell her I must leave to make it to my 5:00 appointment.  She then proceeds to tell me sorry, and that her boss got fired and that is why she could not make it.  I rescheduled for today.  Under these circumstances I could still get paid an additional trip charge from the company for the way she handled it.  I went through all the proper channels.  The company says if that is what happened they will pay me, but they want to confirm the story with the customer.  This morning I get a email stating customer says she told me her boss got fired and rescheduled with me.  Therefore they will not pay me. She basically left out the whole story and now I look like a douche bag to the company, and do not get paid.  I drove an hour out of the way to go there then sat there for another hour.  And now I have to go see this lying bitch today and be professional.  I want to strangle her, and she probably doesn't even know, what she has done to me.  I am furious.  I am just plain sick to my stomach.  Not only about this, after all it is only thirty dollars, and a couple hours of my time and gas.  I am just sick of everything.  I am sick of being broke.  I am sick of being a scapegoat.  I'm sick of people not following through.  I'm sick of people lying.  I'm sick of the government.  I am sick of being let down. I'm sick of no one being there for me.  I'm sick of the god damn corporations running our country.  I'm sick of living in a free country where nothing is free.  I'm sick of wearing a god damn seat belt.  I'm sick of walking in to a crowded room and feeling alone.  I'm sick of being taxed on everything.  I sick of smug people.  I'm sick of people saying something, when they really don't know what the fuck their talking about.  I sick of being sick.  I'm sick of hearing shitty music.  I'm sick of rotten vegetables when I go to buy produce.  I'm sick of not having enough time to do the things I want.  I'm sick of spending 90 percent of my life working for someone who doesn't give a rats ass about me.  I'm sick of buying stuff that breaks within a week of buying it.  I sick of parents not being there for their kids.  I'm sick of dumbass drivers.  I'm sick of parents blaming the schools for their kids being stupid, when they have never sat down and spent anytime doing homework or reading to them.  I'm sick of politicians running on a platform, then not following through with any of it.  I'm sick of fucking congress being so worried that one party or the other will get credit for something, that no compromises can be made, and everyone gets screwed.  I'm sick of high gas prices.  I'm sick of the oil companies keeping the car companies from making better cars.  I'm sick of having Jesus pushed on me, on a weekly basis.  I'm sick of spam.  I'm sick of political correctness,  if it walks like a duck, its a fucking duck. I'm sick of the price of everything going up but people's pay.  I'm sick of every vote not counting.  I'm sick of living in a free country, where you are free to do only what they tell you.  Wow, sorry for the long-winded rant.  I wish I could say that I feel better, but I do not. I am just Sick of it ALL.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Captain Morgan Bowling

         I went through a phase about two years ago where I only drank Captain Morgan spiced Rum.  I always saved the bottles for target practice.  About a week ago me and a couple of friends were off on a week day.  We were a little bored so we came up with this cool new game, "Captain Morgan Bowling".  It is very fun, but messy.  Anyway, hope you enjoy our stupidity.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crack vs Cocaine

  In August of 2010, Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act.  Basically this act changed the disparity between minimum sentences for crack and powder cocaine.  Prior to this act the disparity between the two was 100-to-1.  The Act made the difference 18-to-1.  Basically this means prior to the act, someone who was caught with five grams of crack cocaine would receive a mandatory sentence of five years, whereas someone who got caught with five hundred grams of powder cocaine would receive the same mandatory five year sentence.  Now someone would have to get caught with twenty-eight grams of crack to receive the mandatory five years, yet still five hundred grams for the same sentence.  This is funny to me.  In a apples to oranges comparison, it would be like getting a DUI for having 1 jello shot vs 100 beers.  As we all know this is not how the government handles alcohol.  Summer of 2011,  the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to make the reduced crack penalties retroactive.  By doing so, 12,000 inmates are eligible for early release.  Eighteen hundred of them are eligible for immediate release.  Tuesday November 1st, many of these prisoners were released because they have already served more than enough time.  It is estimated that the act will shave about three years off of the majority of the inmates sentences.  This will save taxpayers about twenty-eight thousand dollars, per inmate, per year.  This does not affect me, but I find it interesting.  I'm sure legislators probably passed this law not because it was the right thing to do, but because the prisons are already so over crowded.  So be on the lookout there is sure to be  a crackhead or dealer newly released to your neighborhood.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Checkers Restaurant

        Yesterday I was in a hurry for lunch.  I stopped by a local Checkers restaurant to get some food.  In the past I had always known checkers to be a cheap, but good lunch.  Actually about five years ago I used to work close by one.  I used to go there at least twice a week for lunch.  I always got the same thing.  two checker burgers, a water, and two packs of barbecue sauce.  Total price $2.35.  Yesterday was quite different.  As soon as I pulled up to the menu to place my order, I scanned around until I located the infamous "Checker Burger".  The price had jumped from 99 cent, to $1.49.  Now I understand time has gone by, but I did actually go there a couple years ago and it was still only 99 cent.  This is a fifty percent price increase.  I know lots of commodities prices have risen, but I am sure they do not pay fifty percent more for their ingredients.  They also charged me 50 cent for a cup of water.  Which I understand a lot of fast food restaurants  do now.  I pulled up and paid for my food.  When the employee handed me my food, I kindly asked, "May I have two packs of barbecue sauce?".  She snapped back at me "there is a charge".  I repeated what she said back to her.  She then says, "yes, you didn't get no chicken nuggets, so there is a charge".  I asked how much.  She said 65 cent after tax.  My mouth dropped, I was dumbfounded and angry.  "Are you fucking kidding me!".  I always use barbecue sauce on my fast food burgers, because they lack in flavor, what I produce in my kitchen.  You can buy a whole bottle of barbecue sauce for 99 cent at any grocery store. I told her to let me get one pack, as I needed it for my ritual fast food burger session.  I can't complain about the food it was as good as I remembered, but a meal that used to cost me about $2, now cost over $4.  This does not seem right, so I say "Occupy Checkers"