Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Launch of Unthink

        Yesterday Tuesday October, 25, brave start-up company Unthink, launched its social networking site, to the first round of beta testers.  Unthink is the self proclaimed "anti-Facebook".  One of the motto's of Unthink, is "We are not another social network, we are a social revolution".  The Tampa-based company has received 2.5 million, in funding from DouglasBay Capitol.  Unthink's core marketing campaign is to take out Facebook, or at least distinguish itself from the other social network site's.  This sounds like prison rules 101.  First day out, find the biggest, baddest guy and take him out.  Then you will get respect from the other inmates, or so the story goes.  Unthink claim their user's (referred to as Unthinkers), are not users, but owners.  On Facebook, all your activity, likes, post, and data is collected and sold to advertisers.  The advertisers then fill your pages will ads relevant to your demographic.  Unthink has a feature named "iEndorse".  This feature allows the user/owner to pick the brands/ads of their choosing, to sponsor their page.  So basically if you have an affliction for a certain brand of clothing or product, you choose that brand to run ads on your page.  You can opt out of this feature.  If you choose to have no ads, Unthink will charge $2 per year for service.  There have been many social networking start-ups, with the goal to take out, or at least compete with Facebook.  None of which, have succeeded.  It will be interesting to see how Unthink fares in this battle  


The Big Lebowski said...

I kind of like this idea. I bet Google knows more about you than the gov. It kinda creeps me out how Google gives you adds based on what you search. Im surprised I dont see adds for hookers;)

Spaz Monkey said...

Google will rule the world some day I am sure of it.

The Big Lebowski said...

Im sure they can already influence legislation.