Thursday, September 22, 2011

They told me it wasn't gonna show up as a Strip Club

Last night some friends and I decided to pay a visit to a gentlemen's club. I am not going to do a review of the particular club. Apparently he used an ATM inside the club. This morning, he told me that his wife woke him up to inquire about a 30 dollar withdrawal  made from inside of a "strip club". His reply was something on the order of "They told me it wasn't gonna show up as a strip club". This reminds me of another time years ago. I was hanging out with the same friend. We left a bar after having too many drinks and he was driving. He was pulled over immediately. The police made him perform a sobriety test. After that the police asked if I was able to drive. To this he responded, "He is drunker than I am". For some reason the cops let him go. We went to another bar after that.

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