Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Devin Wayne Muncy - My Gift to the World

             On September 4, 2011 my son Devin Wayne Muncy was born.  My wife woke me up at 7:30 that morning and said "it's time we gotta go NOW!".  We got ready in a shuffle, dropped the kids off at her mom's on the way.  Once we got there they checked her and admitted her.  She was only dilated 4cm, and you must be 9 - 10 cm to give birth.  Once we got a room they gave us 1 hour to walk around the hospital to to try to help her dilate. She did dilate 1 more cm.  They doctor and nurses kept coming in to check her about every hour.  My wife is short 5' 1".  Just on a side note under 5' is recognized as being a midget, or politically correct "little person".   Any way; her bed was broken and would not go low enough for her to be able to get on and off of it.  We waited for about an hour and a half before they brought a new bed, with the broken one in the hallway.  Finally they installed the new bed to find, it too was not working properly.  It took another hour and they finally brought a working bed.  So after three hours of having no bed in the room, the doctor came in and check her again.  He decided to give her Pitocin, a chemical to help induce her.  After that it went really fast. Within one hour she was fully dilated.  The nurses and doctor were setting up for the labor and the baby started crowning.  I said to the nurse who was standing beside me "I need to put my hand there in case he falls out", she said "no we are not that close yet".  I told her that she only pushed four times with our last child and she was out.  The doctor finally got into position, my wife pushed 4 times and Devin was here.  Of course I cut the umbilical chord, as I did with my other two children.  Well this is my third and final child.  Glad he is here, and ready for all the mishaps to commence.  I had forgotten how much sleep you don't get with a newborn in the house.  I'm clocking about 4, or if I am lucky 5 hours a night.   My wife was a trooper, and I am proud of her.  Devin is my latest gift to the world.

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Wanda Muncy said...

Beautiful baby boy....a little devil like his