Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Blue's

              Today I got the no good, lousy, down an out, train driving, Friday blue's.  Today is day five of quitting smoking, and it seems like the worst one yet for cravings.  Usually about this time on Friday I am plotting a night of drinking an jammin with my friends.  I would go first to the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Jagermeister.  Second I would go to the the grocery store to pick up a 24 pack of Busch Lite, and 2 large green Monster energy drinks.  Final stop would be to the gas station to get 4 packs of Basic light 100's;  "cowboy killers" as my friends often call them.  I would feel great cause I knew tonight was going to be a good night.  So, not only am I craving the cigarettes, I'm also craving the Jager & Beer.  I can not even begin to think of drinking only 5 days into quitting smoking.  Because, drinking has been the downfall every time I've quit in the past.  So yes today is definitely the hardest day so far.  In addition to the stress, Hurricane Irene is headed this way.  We live in a double wide trailer, so the news and everyone says to evacuate.  I have lived here for fourteen years and been through several hurricanes.  Now; with the pregnant wife, and my other two kids, I  have to take into account their well being.  Therein lies the problem, my dad, brother, his wife and kids, and my mom live in a brick house about 20 minutes away.  Which sounds great.  Only problem is my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law all smoke.  And to add fuel to the fire when me and my dad get together we drink.....  I mean we really drink hard; after all we are Irish.  So staying in a house where everyone smokes, and more than likely I will have some drinks, there is a very good possibility I will not make it for 2 days at their house.  Ultimately I will do what is safest for my children.  Maybe I just think to much, or maybe I am just looking for an excuse to smoke.  Today I got the Friday Blues..........

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